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1. (noun) Populus Tremula - the scientific name for the aspen tree


2. (verb) To tremble

The Tremula Network is a group of podcasts taking a fresh look at adventure and the outdoors.  Each show is independent, but themed around widening the understanding of what it means to be outdoorsy and adventurous. We are less interested in the Big Firsts (although we still celebrate such immense achievements!) but we focus on the everyday adventures, platforming lesser heard conversations, and celebrating our own experiences. Whether it's our own stories, brand-based episodes or audio adverts, the Tremula Network is about growing together. 

Why Tremula?

1) Populus Tremula is the Latin name for the Aspen, a tree that has an extensive network of roots, and all the individual trees in an area are connected and cloned from a parent tree. In the same way, Tremula Network started with one podcast, and has grown into a small grove of shows, unique but all connected.

2) In Celtic mythology, the sound of the aspen leaves trembling in the wind was said to be the voice of the ancestors communicating between this world and the next. An aspen leaf placed under the tongue was said to make the bearer more eloquent, perfect for podcasts. (We'll leave you to guess whether we've tried it...)

3) Tremula literally means 'to tremble' or shake, which is a nod to the first podcast in the network - Seize Your Adventure, the podcast about adventure and outdoor living with epilepsy!

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