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Nicki Bass from The Everyday Adventure P

Nicki Bass

Nicki Bass is the creator and host of The Everyday Adventure Podcast, which aims to showcase the psychological and physical benefits of introducing more adventure into our everyday lives. 

She is passionate about supporting organisations to develop the leadership skills and resilience of their people. Having spent over 17 years as a Learning and Development officer in the British Army, she has first hand experience of working and performing in high stress environments. As a result, she knows that it is by facing situations outside of our comfort zone, that we grow our internal resources and improve our ability to face uncertainty and challenge. 

Her facilitated workshops for teams and individuals are designed to develop resilience and leadership through experiential learning. Adventure activities offer a challenging and proven way to replicate pressure and test limits in order to accelerate mindset shifts and improve relationships. This ultimately not only increases performance, but also has a fundamental impact on the wellbeing and engagement of employees.

A Masters degree in Occupational Psychology means she has a deep understanding of the research and science behind resilience and performance in the workplace. She is accredited in Lumina Spark and the Resilient Leader Elements and use these tools in her coaching practice to enhance performance, fuel leadership development and challenge self-limiting beliefs. 


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