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Do you have an independent podcast about the outdoors, adventure or action sports? Or perhaps you've thought about starting a podcast but are not sure where to start?

You're not alone!

We know it can sometimes feel overwhelming running a podcast by yourself - especially when you're also working on stories that are underrepresented or ignored in the UK's outdoor sector. That's why we started the Tremula Network: to share resources, opportunities, and successes (and sometimes our frustrations!)

And's that's why our Lead Producer, Francesca has done dozens of 1:1 calls with individuals to help them navigate the fast-growing and ever-changing podcast world.

Now we want to support even more podcasters who have the same passion for the outdoors.


Tremula Network Outdoor Podcast Club.png

A club with monthly events designed to help outdoors podcasters create engaging shows, promote in the right places and grow together...

what is the Outdoors Podcast Club?

It's a club especially for UK-based podcasters who are focused on the outdoors, nature or adventure + action sports. It teaches the tips and techniques of audio production, shares insights to podcasting as an industry, and how podcasting can fit within the outdoors sector. We have an emphasis on Tremula Network's core values of diversifying the stories that get told within this sector.

Signing up to the Outdoor Podcast Club will give you access to: 

  • Monthly online events providing you with tips and tricks to create and promote your podcast 

  • An invite to our private group chat where we'll post regular tips, promotion callouts, offers and audio opportunities

  • Your podcast on a Tremula Spotify playlist and the Tremula website

  • 1:1s and discounts on podcast editing services for higher tiers

Monthly events are designed to cover topics relevant to our small niche - from getting good audio when you're outside, to interviewing with inclusion in mind and learning where the best place to promote your show actually is.

The private group chat offers support from other podcasters with the same passion for the outdoors, plus regular opportunities for Club members. These might be a chance promote thier work in newsletters, discount codes for podcast services or free auto-transcripts for your show.​

The Outdoors Podcast Club is for podcasters, audio producers, and hosts of podcasts based in the UK with a focus on outdoor-content.

But it's also got value for individuals who want to guest on podcasts, people who are keen to learn how to work on thier allyship across media, and creatives who want to explore audio as an artform.

If you are thinking of signing up, but you’re not 100% sure it's for you, the best thing to do is  drop us an email - we can chat through your questions and work out if the Outdoor Podcast Club is right for you.

Can I join for just one event?

Absolutely! All of our events are available through our monthly subscription or as one off events on EventBrite. You can find all our planned events here. 

Podcast Audit: Improve your reach, guestlist and format - a session going back to basics and talking about your podcast bible, tips & tricks to improve your reach, guestlist, sound quality and more

Audio for the Active Listener -Who listens to outdoors podcasts? How and where do they listen to you? And how does this change the way you make and promote your podcast?

Interviewing as an ALLY - June's topic was all about how to prepare and interview as an ally! And we partnered with our friends at All The Elements. 

 Growing on social media without being on social media How to launch events - crossover sessions with The Purposeful Adventure Club, designed for people using the outdoors and adventure to make change. We share social media and marketing tips to help you share your story, promote your work and have a bigger impact.  

How to VALUE your podcast... and everyone who works on it! - What (and where) to invest, making a show listeners value, PLUS ways for outdoors pods to monetise.

Promoting your podcast - The different ways to reach listeners; getting press; podcast media; using outdoors networks and MUCH more.

join the Club

from £10 per month (£12 with VAT)

Hi everyone - it's Francesca here! For my job as Digital Editor at Pod Bible magazine I speak to podcasters at all stages of thier journey. When I ask them "what have you learned from podcasting?" no matter how long someone has been podcasting, there is one answer that comes up more often than any other - podcasting is hard! Very few people are audio-natives, and learning to produce content in audio can be a learning curve. And getting your show in front of listeners can seem daunting.

The Outdoors Podcast Club is my way of making it a bit easier, and creating a community of podcasters within the outdoor community. I hope to see you at an event some day soon and look forward to hearing what we can create together!

club members

Soraya Abdel-Hadi,
All The Elements

"Fran provided concise and enlightening advice, including covering and reviewing equipment choices, providing advice on positioning and branding, and reviewing next steps that should be taken... This has been invaluable, as I'm a podcast listener but the world of creating podcasting is completely new to me..."
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