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COVER REVEAL: Season 3 of Wild For Scotland

Kathi Kamleitner has revealed the new cover art for Season 3 of Wild For Scotland!

She posted the new artwork on the @WildForScotland Instagram page this afternoon. Once again, the artwork has been created by Tartan Trailburner, and features a number of images that hint at episodes this season,

Kathi said: "It's been a while 😅 But here's some exciting news - Wild for Scotland is coming back for season 3 NEXT WEEK! To celebrate, we have a brand-new artwork thanks to @tartan_trailburner ❤️ But that's not the only new thing happening on the show this season... listen to the trailer now to find out more!"

Also of note is the Tremula Network logo in the top left corner! It's great to see our podcasts doing exciting work.

Make sure you are subscribed to hear when the new episodes are out next week:

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