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On The Outside places at the International Women's Podcast Awards

30th September 2022

Last night, the winners of the International Women’s Podcast Awards 2022 were announced at a ceremony in London, and On The Outside Producer/Host Francesca Turauskis was Runner Up for 'Moment of Calm Unflappability' award.

Sometimes it all goes a bit wrong, and that’s when you need a Moment of Calm Unflappability… The On The Outside episode submitted was 'Climate consciousness, a new National cycling trail and the #WeTwo polar expedition'. The conversation between four panellists that you hear in the episode is in fact a mix of two different conversations on two different recordings, after technical difficulties and busy calander made it impossible to record all the conversation in one sitting!

The winner of the 2022 Moment of Calm Unflappability is Eve Bishop for Deer Humans.

Created by Naomi Mellor of the Skylark Collective, this year’s event was hosted by Deborah Francis-White of the Guilty Feminist podcast, who brought a mix of personal anecdote, cultural commentary and, of course, podcast cheerleading to the evening.

Other podcasts that places at the awards included the BBC Sounds 28ish Days Later, Apple's 'Best Show of the Year 2021' A Slight Change of Plans, and the popular outdoors podcast Out There, which tackles big questions through intimate stories of the outdoors. Read the full list of winners here >>

Listen to 'Climate consciousness, a new National cycling trail and the #WeTwo polar expedition' on the On The Outside podcast website, and all popular podcast apps.

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