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The Everyday Adventure Podcast has been shortlisted for a Sports Podcast Award

14th March 2023

The Everyday Adventure Podcast has been shortlisted in the Wilderness Category of the Sports Podcast Awards 2023. A select group of some of the biggest names in the podcast industry kick-off the judging process by shortlisting the contenders for each category, inlcuding Ben Green of The Athletic, Alexandra Adey from Spotify and Jason English from iHeart Radio.

Now that the industry judges have selected, it is handed over to the public to vote for the winner, so we're asking for help from our listeners and supporters. Out of twelve podcasts shortlisted in this category, The Everyday Adventure podcast is one of only three podcasts with a women hosting/co-hosting shortlisted in the Wilderness category, one of only three UK-based shows, and it is the only show that mentions diversity and inclusivity in its description or 'why they should win' section. This goes to show the unbalance of podcasts in the outdoors and wilderness category. This is why representation and inclusivity are a core value of the Tremula Network.

Since starting the Everyday Adventure Podcast in May 2021, host Nicki Bass has spoken to the most inspirational guests; some of whom are well known, but many of them are individuals without a big public profile, but who have achieved extraordinary adventures in and around their everyday lives. We are constantly humbled by the honesty and generosity with which our guests are willing to share their often difficult stories. We know how much they have inspired us and the listeners who have got in touch to say this. But we would love for more people to hear these stories to help change the narrative of what a 'Wilderness' podcast can be.

SO PLEASE HELP US AND VOTE! (See below for instructions on how.)

With Nicki's background in the military and as a psychologist, she knows how powerful adventures can be for our psychological wellbeing and she wants to encourage as many people as possible to find ways to weave adventures into their daily lives to experience the impact.

We are passionate about opening up the outdoors to communities who are under-represented in this space and the podcast will continue to elevate stories from individuals and organisations who seek to overcome these barriers and change perceptions of what is possible.

A huge thank you to the three incredible women whose clips Nicki used for the entry:

Keri Wallace from Girls On Hills, Pammy Johal of Backbone CIC and Antarctic explorer and record-maker Preet Chandi.

And the same gratitude is extended to all the other amazing guests who have been kind enough to share their inspiring stories on the show. We now have over 70 episodes of the podcast, and Nicki has spoken to more than 60 amazing guests.

Voting is open and the winning podcast will be selected by popular vote. If you have a spare 5 minutes, we would be incredibly grateful!


Anyone and everyone can cast a vote BUT you have to be logged in to vote – this means you need to create an account :(

Scroll down:

Voting will end on Thursday, April 6, 2023 and if you are happy to create an account to vote we would love you to share when you do! It's a great way to encourage others to vote too. And tag @everydayadventurepod and @tremulanetwork on Instagram so we can thank you and share in our stories.

Thank you for supporting diversity and inclusion in outdoors recreation :)

Listen to The Everyday Adventure Podcast now on Apple Podcast, Spotify and other popular podcast apps >>

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Find the interview with Pammy Johal here >>

Find the interview with Preet Chandi here >>

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