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Tremula is a new podcast network dedicated to undertold stories of adventure and the outdoors

Tremula Network is a group of podcasts taking a fresh look at what it means to be outdoorsy and adventurous.

Three podcasters, Francesca Turauskis, Kathi Kamlietner and Nicki Bass, have teamed together to form the Tremula Podcast Network, which has launched with four podcasts - On The Outside, Wild For Scotland, The Everyday Adventure Podcast and Seize Your Adventure - that have grown individually.

The launch comes at an exciting time for each podcast: Wild For Scotland is launching its new season next month, celebrating the People of Scotland, and is adding interview episodes to build on the immersive stories; The Everyday Adventure Podcast's 5th season has just started and includes more international guests; On The Outside was heard on Soho Radio last month during a crossover episode with the THIIIRD Waves podcast, and has also begun 'news round-up' minisodes; and Seize Your Adventure is returning with a fourth season of behind-the-scenes content and new exclusive interviews.

The Network opens up opportunities for cross-pollination between podcasts, greater collaboration between hosts, and sharing of resources for mutual growth and increased revenue.

Francesca Turauskis, Founder and Lead Producer at Tremula Network, said:

"I’m a great believer in sharing resources and cheerleading other work to increase impact. I’ve worked on all of the Network shows in different capacities over the last few years, and each show brings something different - and I believe necessary - to the outdoors audio space. I think there will be a big benefit to bringing the shows together under a banner, to show solidarity and offer more to all our audiences. Podcasting is such a collaborative industry, but with quite niche podcasts like ours, it can feel isolating. We’re now the first Outdoors podcast network in the UK - I doubt we’ll be the last!"

A consolidated Network of podcasts also opens up opportunities for outdoors brands interested in exploring podcasts for awareness and messaging.

More about the shows:

About On The Outside:

On The Outside is a panel show podcast for anyone who spends their leisure time outdoors in the UK and wants to engage in the wider outdoor community. Each episode, a diverse panel of enthusiasts and experts from a range of outdoors sports discuss the news stories that matter to them. It looks at everything from specific sports news, to headline stories about our countryside and environment, and the viral posts that capture outdoors culture. Our newest show, On The Outside is produced and hosted by Francesca Turauskis.

About Wild For Scotland:

Wild For Scotland is an immersive storytelling podcast by award-winning Scotland travel blogger Kathi Kamleitner (Watch Me See). Inspired by the ongoing travel restrictions due to the pandemic, the podcast is for Scotland-lovers around the world who miss travel and the opportunity to visit. The show enables you to lean back and travel to Scotland. It allows you to connect with the country through stories, indulge in a little bit of escapism and dream up future trips. Each episode includes an immersive story as well as a few practical trips to inspire future trips.

About The Everyday Adventure Podcast:

The Everyday Adventure Podcast shares thoughts, ideas stories and inspiration to help listeners bring more adventure into their everyday lives. With a strong focus on access to nature, and the need for diversity in the outdoors, Nicki Bass has short and prodcutive conversations with her guests, to help reshape the idea of 'adventure' by asking them how they fit adventure into their life. The Everyday Adventure Podcast is created and hosted by Nicki Bass.

About Seize Your Adventure:

Seize Your Adventure is like the multi-tool in your backpack: a great adventure podcast that is also an epilepsy podcast! From long-distance hikes in Europe to skiing in snowstorms, the storytelling episodes share the moments spent between seizures. ​The ‘chats’ with guests dive into the deeper stuff, and the hidden aspects of taking on adventures with epilepsy - from carrying medication in a backpack, to assessing seizure risks in the wilderness and recognising limitations. And editorial episodes investigate the perceptions of epilepsy in society and the adventure community.​ Seize Your Adventure is the OG podcast of the Tremula Network - launched in 2018, Francesca Turauskis produces, hosts and edits the show.

Find out more about the podcasters here.

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